Woodcutting is a skill where players collect woods, tree seeds and other drops from trees. It's the third skill to unlock after having a bound Axe from crafting.

Unlocking the skill grants players access to four tree plots that grow randomly. The types of trees that grow depend on the player's Woodcutting level.

Leveling Edit

Player gains XP through cutting trees. The higher the tier of a tree, the more XP it yields. Upgrading the axe with gems doesn't give more XP but will give an increase in harvested logs. Binding a Blue Axe Orb gives a 10% chance to get an instant regrown tree of the same type after chopping one, thus give double XP.

Having the Woodcutting patches donor perk gives player two more tree plots which will increase production and give more XP. Players also gain an amount between 1 and (Woodcutting level/10) extra logs from any given tree.

Trees Edit


Four woodcutting patches with a Stardust, an Essence, an Oak and a Regular tree growing

There are seven types of trees in the game. The first is a (regular) Tree which requires level 1 Woodcutting to grow. New types of trees are unlocked and start to grow after certain level requirements are met.

Trees will start to grow randomly in these plots, and once they are full grown, they can be cut down for logs, experience, and possibly a tree seed or a Strange Leaf.

The log yield is a variable amount between 15 and 30, with an average of 22.5 logs per time. Upgrading the axe to Diamond will get the player an average of 42.5 logs. Maple Trees always drop 1 Maple Syrup after one gets the Tree Tap from the One small favor quest.

When a tree plot is empty, there is a 1/2000 chance per second for a new tree to start growing. Once this condition is met, there is another 1/3 chance for it being a regular tree, 1/6 for an Oak tree, 1/10 for a Willow Tree, and so on. The Strange Leaf Tree chance is 1/35.

Tree Potion and Super Tree Potion increase the chance for trees to start growing for a period of time.

Tree Lvl Time(hour) XP Drop
Tree4 1 3 1,000 Logs TreeSeeds StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf
OakTree4 15 6 2,500 OakLogs OakTreeSeeds StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf
WillowTree4 30 8 5,000 WillowLogs WillowTreeSeeds StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf
MapleTree4 50 12 10,000 MapleLogs MapleTreeSeeds MapleSyrup StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf
StardustTree4 70 16 16,000 StardustLogs StardustTreeSeeds StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf
StrangeLeafTree4 85 20 20,000 StrangeLogs StrangeLeafTreeSeeds StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf
AncientTree4 95 40 40,000 AncientLogs AncientBerries AncientTreeSeeds StrangeGreenLeaf StrangeYellowLeaf StrangeBlueLeaf StrangePinkLeaf StrangePurpleLeaf

Shiny trees Edit

Similar to shiny monsters, all types of trees grown in the woodcutting patches have a shiny version. A shiny tree yields 5x the amount of logs, 3 guaranteed seeds, and an increased number of leaves.

The chance for a shiny tree start to grow is 1/100. With the hard Woodcutting achievements perk, the chance is 15% higher at 1/85 (as stated by smitty) or 1/87 (by calculation, not confirmed).

Woods Edit

Woods or logs are main tree drops. They can be burned in Oven for heat, or in Charcoal Foundry for Charcoal. They can also be used for certain crafting items such as Boats. Some logs give additional materials when burned in the Oven or Charcoal foundry.

Tree seeds can also be planted in farming for more logs and Strange Leaf (they however require the hard farming perk).

A tree gives a random yield between 15-30 logs per harvest. Woodcutting level also gives a small bonus of 1 to WC level/10 to this. Each gem upgrade gives an extra 5 bonus logs, for a maximum of 20 at Diamond. The medium woodcutting perk gives 5, and the elite woodcutting perk adds an additional 10 logs.

The lowest possible yield in one harvest is 15 logs at woodcutting level 9 or lower, the maximum possible yield is 75 logs at level 100.

Logs Heat/log Charcoal/log Additional drops
Logs 1 Heat 1 Charcoal None
OakLogs 2 Heat 2 Charcoal None
WillowLogs 5 Heat 3 Charcoal None
MapleLogs 10 Heat 4 Charcoal None
StardustLogs 20 Heat 5 Charcoal 1,999-9,999 Stardust
StrangeLogs 30 Heat 6 Charcoal Various Strange Leaves
AncientLogs 50 Heat 10 Charcoal None

Gallery Edit

Bugs Edit

  • The shiny tree currently has a bug in that the wood bonus only applies to one loot, while the other 6 loots are unaffected.


  • It's better to use Tree Potion and Super Tree Potion at the same time to maximize the efficiency.
  • While chopping trees on a Woodcutting level of 50+, a Lumberjack can randomly appear, ready to be hired to chop all trees at once (similar to the Planter).


  • Woodcutting is the skill that costs no money to level and it's usually one of the easiest skills to level up due to the high XP earned.
  • The shiny trees used to have different visual effects. An old shiny tree was coloured gold and had a sparkle effect.
  • Essence trees have been removed and been replaced with Strange Leaf Tree.
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