Weapons are obtainable tools that are used in the Combat skill to fight NPCs (Non-player characters).

Certain NPCs drop a variety of weapons. The lowest tier weapon is the Stinger, obtained from Bees in the Fields. The Iron dagger is the second tier weapon, obtained from the Thief.

Skeletons from the Cave drop the Skeleton Sword. The fourth tier of weaponry is the Bow, which can and has to be used with 3 types of Arrows.

The Scythe is the strongest melee weapon when against the undead.

One can also obtain a cannon or parts of a cannon, which can be put together to have an extra weapon without it taking away the hand slot from your hero.

Table of weaponsEdit

Weapon Damage Accuracy Speed Minimum Level Obtained from Drop chance Notes
Stinger 1 1 4 1 Bee 1/10
IronDagger 2 1 4 10 Thief 1/25
NewSkeletonSword 3 3 3 15 Skeleton 1/40
Bow 4 3 4 35 Lizard 1/50
Scythe 6 8 1 50 Reaper 1/70 Dealing double damage and -50% defense against undead creatures
Cannon 1/5/10 10/30/50 0 53/67/82 Pirate Skeleton


Damage and Accuracy depending on

used Cannon Balls

Rapier 7 8 3 65 Robot waves ?
DragonSword 10 10 3 85 Crafting Dealing double damage against dragons
Stinger - Iron Dagger - Skeleton Sword - Bow - Scythe - Cannon - Rapier - Dragon Sword
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