Treasure Map is an item that can be solved by a riddle. When solved you get a Treasure Chest. It can be found with Pirate, Boats or Monster Loot. There are three types of maps: normal, Green Map and Red Map. The map appears in the Item tab and the player can have only one at a time. It is however possible to have one normal map, one green map and one red map at a time.

Green and Red versions Edit

After receiving the Runite Spyglass as a reward from the Pirate's Treasure quest, the pirates start looking for Green Treasure Map, in addition to normal Treasure Maps. The green version gives you a Green Treasure Chest, which gives better loot and far better chances to get Green Orbs than the normal chest.

Treasure Map rarity Edit

Pirate has a fixed chance of getting maps based on the number of pirates purchased, while the chance to get a map from boats is very rare (estimated: 1/100 to 1/300). The chance from loot bags varies by areas. Loot bags from Fields have 1/500 chance to get a map, goes up to 1/400 for Forests and 1/300 for the rest of areas.

The rarity of a Green map is twice as high as regular maps. With one pirate their discovery chance is 1 in 600k every second. With 10 pirates, the discovery chance is 1 in 400k every second.

Red map however, is depended on wind status.

Wind Red map rate
No wind 0%
Low wind 25% normal map rate
Medium wind 33% normal rate
High wind 50% normal rate (same as green)
Very high wind >100% normal rate (1 min only)

List of treasure map cluesEdit

Clues Answers
Come by for a visit if you want more land. Go to donor shop
Pure AU, nothing else. Smelt a gold bar
.dees taehw a mraF Farm a wheat seed
Make me: I need this H2O for 100% of this skill. Make a vial of water or large vial of water
Two ores merge together over a heated relationship. There's no breaking up these two. Smelt a bronze bar

Clues Answers
Sell this amount (x) of stone: "The first derivative of x". Sell 1 stone to vendor
Not the WIKI link on the top but it helps. Click on the Combat Drop Table
+600 instead of +400 Eat a Dotted Sardine
Too impatient or a missclick leads to derooting the not so green. Plant a lime seed & remove it
I am #000000, I'm scared to consume but I get more of it. Drink an oil potion or super oil potion
01100010 01101111 01101110 01100101 01101101 01100101 01100001 01101100 Add 1 normal bone to the Bin.
The happy couple. Click on Bob or Bobette

Clues Answers
CnH2n+2 822 Run machines to use exactly 822 oil/s. This can be done by using the following machinery setups: 2/2/2/2/2 - 2/7/6/2/1 - 2/7/9/3/0 - 2/7/0/0/3
A huge amount of: Dihydrogen with a touch of Oxygen. Make a huge vial of water
Much more magical than a shooting star. Click on any type of Mana Star.
Chop chop he failed to do, next time take a look will you. Click on the lumberjack when no trees are ready to chop
Run like the wind bullseye! Send your sailboat when the wind is very high.
More than just levels. View your profile in the Skills tab.
Sell this many stone:

Start with 2 then ^2^2^2^2, you know what? Mod 10 to get back
Sell 2 stones twice

Tips Edit

  • The map notification is clickable for easier access.
  • A map can be ignored/discarded by right-clicking on it.
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