Tools are various devices or machines used to operate the skills in the game, which have many uses depending on the skill.

Tools can be acquired from crafting, as a reward from quests, or from Monster Loot. Some can be upgraded with crafting, gems or orbs.

Main toolsEdit

There are many tools which are considered as being primary tools, based on their representativeness with corresponding skills. However there are only eight tools which can be upgraded with gems, ten tools which can be upgraded with Blue Orbs and eight tools which can be upgraded with Green Orbs.

Tool Obtained from Skill Gem Orb
EmptyPickaxe Crafting Mining Check Check
EmptyShovel Crafting Mining Check Check
EmptyChisel Monster Loot Mining Check Check
EmptyHammer Crafting Crafting Check Check
EmptyAxe Crafting Woodcutting Check Check
EmptyRake Quest Farming Check Check
EmptyTrowel Quest Farming Check Check
EmptyFishingRod Crafting Fishing Check Check
EmptyAnvil Doric's Quest None X X
(no represent tool)
Magic Shop Magic X Check
OilPipe Game Shop Mining X Check
BrewingKit Quest Brewing X Check
OilFactory Crafting Mining X Check
Bow Monster Loot Combat X Check
BonemealBin Crafting Farming X Check
OilStorage1 Crafting Mining X Check
Rocket Crafting Mining X Check
EmpoweredStone Magic Shop Magic X Check
(no represent tool)
N/A Combat X Check

Priority of upgrading gem-upgradeable tools Edit

The table below is a general priority list of gem upgrading.

Note: this is only a guideline. Especially if you have a different style of playing, you might consider upgrading particular tools in a different order in a same tier (for example, if you are in urgent need of more food resources and you care less about gathering more wood, you might want to upgrade your Trowel before your Axe). Rake and Fishing Rod should however still be prioritized, as higher tier seeds and fish are (very) rare.

Priority tier


Hardcore Explanation, note
1 EmptyHammer EmptyRake Standard players can always buy seeds and food in early game
EmptyFishingRod EmptyFishingRod
EmptyRake EmptyHammer
2 EmptyPickaxe EmptyPickaxe The higher mining level, the better ore income. Blue Pickaxe Orb reduces ores cost to train mining by half
EmptyAxe EmptyAxe Interchangeable with Pickaxe, their priority are quite equal
EmptyTrowel EmptyTrowel
3 EmptyChisel EmptyShovel Sand from shovel has only one main usage, which is for glass to create vial of water
EmptyShovel EmptyChisel Chisel should be concerned only until unlocking Stardust Crystal Potion and Mining level 75

Secondary toolsEdit

These tools are usually not upgradeable with gems or orbs or can only be obtained in mid- to late game.

See more at Category:Tools.

Tips Edit

  • Most items that can be bound, can be deleted by right clicking on it.
  • Anvil is considered the most useless tool. Clicking on it only will open the Crafting tab.
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