Strange leaves are special items that drop from trees, Monster Loot or when burning Strange Logs. They are primary materials needed for magic equipments.

There are six types of strange leafs: green, yellow, blue, pink, purple and dark. Green is the lowest "tier" and thus most common, while purple is the rarest one.

Dark leaves are obtained from chopping trees while the Dark Potion is active on Lumberjack. The lumberjack does not need to be used to be able to receive Dark leaves.

With the Hard Farming perk, it's possible to obtain Strange Leaves from trees in farming patches.

Leaf Colour Source Uses
StrangeGreenLeaf Green Woodcutting StrangeLogs 5 14 20 GreenWizardSilk EnchantStargemPotionSpellScroll
StrangeYellowLeaf Yellow Woodcutting StrangeLogs 5 14 20 Quests YellowWizardSilk VeryHighWindSpellScroll
StrangeBlueLeaf Blue Woodcutting StrangeLogs 5 14 20 Quests BlueWizardSilk CombatCooldownPotion SuperCombatCooldownPotion CriticalStrikePotion
StrangePinkLeaf Pink Woodcutting StrangeLogs 5 14 Quests PinkWizardSilk OxygenPotionSpell Scrolls
StrangePurpleLeaf Purple Woodcutting StrangeLogs 20 PurpleWizardSilk ManaPotion SuperManaPotion

LootBagPotion Spell Scrolls

StrangeDarkLeaf Dark Woodcutting + Lumberjack + DarkPotion DarkWizardSilk