The Sapphire is the first of 6 available gems and the lowest tier of gem available to use with various items. A player will at least need 33 Sapphires to upgrade tools and acquire quest items. The amount rises to 38 if one completes Doric's Quest with Sapphires instead of money.


Items Number Notes
EmptyHammer EmptyPickaxe EmptyChisel EmptyAxe EmptyShovel EmptyRake EmptyFishingRod EmptyTrowel 1 each
StargemPotion EnchantedStargemPotion variable Enchanted version gives double stardust
BrewingKit 20
TreasureChest SapphireKey variable The Sapphire Key Chest has 2 item slots
SapphireDrills 5 Double the mining gold from drills
Doric 5 It's possible to give Doric money instead of a sapphire

Gems Diamond

Standard Gems
Sapphire Sapphire - Emerald Emerald - Ruby Ruby - Diamond Diamond
Special Gems
Blood Diamond BloodDiamond - Dark Diamond DarkDiamond