Lumberjack Whatup babies. Randymode is an extreme gampeplay mode modeled after the playstyle of randy199612. The rules are constantly evolving and not for the faint of heart.


Randymode is based around rules set forth by randy199612. Logic, reason and straight forward solutions to problems can be left at the door.

Randymode can be broken down into a set of commandments that are continuously changing and being modified. They will be listed below as stated by randy199612 with translations by jellybones, who is writing this guide on his behalf. Please note that the unclear nature of these commandments is all part of Randymode.

There is no reward for reaching level 900 via Randymode at this time.

The CommandmentsEdit

# Commandment Translation Reason Provided Notes
1 "have to max 2+ skills at a time" You must hit level 100 in 2 or more skills at a time. None.
2 "never cast vhw, u need all your money"

You must rely on others to cast Very High Wind and should hoard or sell all of your scrolls.

Money must be saved, no indication as for why however. Will inquire further. At the time of saying this randy199612 had 89,152 coins.
3 "can i only elite 5/9 achievos"

A confusing decree. At the time of proclaimation, elite achievements do not exist.

What randy means is you can only get the hard achievements (achievos) for 5/9 of all categories. He currently has 4 at level 800+.

4 "no steamboat" For whatever reason, the steamboat shall not be crafted or used. Absolutely none.
5 "half of each orb types" You may only get a maximum of half of each orbs in any given category (blue, green, red) Nothing.
6 "max 3 diamond tools"

You may only put a diamond in 3 tools, as frustrating as this may be.

None. randy199612 has chosen the chisel as one of his diamond tools.
7 "max oil income 400" One of the harder components of Randymode. Despite being such a high level, randy has chosen to not get the blue oil orb and has basically stopped caring about oil his 3rd day into the game. None.
8 "highest weapon possible is sword"

Referring to the skeleton sword, of course. A recent rule (01-Jun-18), randy199612 has tossed aside his scythe to focus solely on magic going forward. It is worth noting that he paid 500m for this scythe and it liekly benefitted him greatly. He is currently clearing Dark Forest without it.

Not a single clue. Cannon is allowed for some reason.
9 "have to max stuff in the most ridiculous ways"

Knowing randy provides some context for this commandment. It is best understood via examples.

Randy is currently level 65 brewing. He has chosen to reach level 100 brewing by choosing to brew 160,000 stardust potions. This will cost him 4 million red mushrooms and 160,000 dotted leaves. He is currently at 1,750,000 red mushrooms. Despite the difficulty of this task, he is dead set on achieving it. Please use this mindset when interpretting this commandment.

Nope, nothing.
10 "normal chest is diamond or gold key

and rest are gold keys"

Profit and logic be damned, normal chests must be opened with diamond keys or gold keys only while green / red chests must be opened with only gold keys. None, frustratingly.
11 "btw new rule, gold furnace is max furnace allowed" Self explanatory. Why gold furnace? Maybe we'll know some day. Would be nice wouldn't it?
12 "came up with a little rule for randy mode, upon the final level to 900, u have to be under the consumption of 2 dark shrooms as u finish that last level off" If you haven't yet, try consuming a dark mushroom. Celebratory...?
13 "oh did u add only use 1 key in tombs, exception of getting quest done" You can only ever fight the first tombs monster and then redeem your keys. Except for the quest that requires more? Meaning go ahead and get 250, then you must do 1 at a time. None.
14 "new tule, only randy can make randymode rules, and not annoying as guests"


guest41315 kindly reminded me of a missing commandment. Randy put an abrupt stop to anyone else ever offering up rules - even if he did say them - by making it clear that only he makes the rules. Establishing dominance.
15 "u can sacrifice a lower orb for a higher orb, but not the other way around" A crack team of linguists, sociologists and general smart people are working to interpret this commandment. At this time no conclusions can be drawn. None. (sat. feb 01 2020)

[21:31]  cypress life (59): i can solve randy logic :D

[21:31]  cypress life (59): u can sacrifice a lower orb for a higher orb, but not the other way around

[21:31]  zeragon (893): will have part 4 up in the next hour or so

[21:31]  randy199612 (900): what doesnt make sense by that?

[21:32] world365 (837): red mushroom seeds @ MIN

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): o i got it backwards

[21:32]  cypress life (59): this means that u can give up one of ur blue orbs for a green orb, but not a green orb for a blue

[21:32]  cypress life (59): perfect since

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): other way around

[21:32]  cypress life (59): jellybones is dum

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): i think

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): hell if i know

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): yea

[21:32]  cypress life (59): lol

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): red orb for blue orb

[21:32]  randy199612 (900): no blue for red

[21:32]  xdgetrekt (777): Buh bye

[21:33]  xdgetrekt (777): gtg

[21:33]  cypress life (59): ok

[21:33] world365 (837): blewit mushrroom seeds @ MIN

[21:33]  randy199612 (900): wat ever idgaf

Additional Notes Edit

Randy will at times provide guidance that - while not an explicit commandment - should still be known and considered when undertaking Randymode. This section will be updated appropriately.

12:51 June 7, 2018 randy199612: tbh think u should just add that under a note under oil income that i run 0/0/0/1/1
18:43 July 10, 2018 randy199612 (841):So Gujarati name jellybones who quit updating it
randy199612 (841):fucker
This page will be better maintained going forward as I no longer wish to be called a Gujarati. I also have no idea what that is, but know I don't wanna be it.

I would like to offer sincere apologies to randy199612 for my lapse in dilligence.


18:52 July 10, 2018 randy199612 (842) :btw did u ever get the rule I told u where on the final levels to hit 900 u have to be high off dem dark shroomies?
Randy asked me this immediately after saying that he just read the page. This is clearly commandment #12 and always has been. I have no idea how he missed it.

Obviously this rule means a great deal to randy and is likely not the last time we'll hear about it.


14:54 July 19, 2018 randy199612 (843): New randymode rule jelly, must drop $1000 on donor coins
14:54 July 19, 2018 jellybones (867): On it
14:54 July 19, 2018 randy199612 (843): Lol jk
Randy later quoted how he "doesn't feel like wasting birthday money on dh" for an extra challenge go to the quests and complete wand 2 BUT THE CATCH IS YOU CAN NOT HAVE THE FIRST WAND COMPLETED


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