To be able to smelt Promethium, one first needs to complete the Doric's Armour quest.

Players need to spend 7,285 promethium bars as a minimum requirement to make all of these items below.

Item Bar Item Bar Item Bar Item Bar Item Bar
PromethiumOven 250 SteamBoat 80 GiantExcavators 500


Rocket 100 PromethiumHelmet 75
PromethiumBody 350 OilStorage6 30 OilStorage7 300 PromethiumCannonBall 1 PromethiumGloves 50
PromethiumLegs 250 PromethiumBoots 50 EmpoweredPromethium 30 ( 15 if you have medium magic perk) CharcoalFactory 750

Trivia Edit

  • There is an old sprite version with orange color used. Promethium.png