Pickaxe is a tool used to level up the Mining skill. By clicking on the pickaxe, one can gain mining XP by converting ores with the help of Stardust.

Socketing a gem into the pickaxe allows a player to use higher level ores to level and will reduce the Stardust needed.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrades Ores to use to level up Stardust cost per XP
Empty Stone, Copper, Tin, Iron 17
Sapphire Above and Silver, Gold 16
Emerald Above and Quartz, Marble 14
Ruby Above and Promethium 12
Diamond Above and Runite 10
BluePickaxeOrb Halves the ores used when leveling Unaffected

Ores efficiency Edit

This table below measures how efficient each ore is when leveling Mining. It indicates which ores should be used to level and which should be sold to the NPC shop.

Ores XP per 1000 each Shop price XP per 1000 gold
Stone 1 1 1
Copper/Tin 5 2 2.5
Iron 30 5 6
Silver 80 10 8
Gold 120 20 6
Quartz 500 30 16.67
Marble 5,000 100 50
Promethium 250,000 1,000 250
Runite 500,000 5,000 100

Stone gives the worst amount of xp per coin, and should either be saved for crafting items such as Oil Storage 6 or Oil Factory, or sold to the NPC shop. Iron has the same efficiency value as gold, but both are slightly worse than silver. Runite and promethium offer much better XP but are also much rarer. In general, marble is the optimal choice for leveling, as it is abundant and delivers a good XP ratio.