Orbs are rare, special items used to upgrade tools for permanent powerful buffs, and can be obtained from Treasure Chests. Only one orb of the same type can be bound. There are three types of orbs with different colors: blue, green and red.

All orbs can be obtained from any type of chest. However a Green Treasure Chest gives far better chance to get a Green Orb, and a Red Treasure Chest gives far better chance to get a Red Orb.

Blue Orbs can be obtained from treasure chest with a 1/36 chance. Although it's unconfirmed, Green Orbs are likely to have the same chance as Blue orbs.

Empty Orbs Edit

By drinking the Blue Pirate Potion, Green Pirate Potion and Red Pirate Potion, players have a chance to get an empty orb corresponding to the color. The empty orb can be turned into any orb of their choice. The drop rate is 3x the regular drop rate of normal orbs.

List of all blue orbs Edit

Orbs Effect Notes
EmptyBlueOrb Can be turned into any Blue Orb Requires drinking the Blue Pirate Potion
BlueShovelOrb Collecting fishing baits slowly over time The better the gem of the shovel, the more bait you get.
BlueTrowelOrb 10% chance of a seed obtained from Bobette to be returned on harvest This applies only to food related seeds
BlueRakeOrb 10% chance to get seeds back on harvest This applies to everything but food related seeds
BlueOilPipeOrb Increases oil for the oil pipe by 100.
BlueChiselOrb 10% more stardust when opening Stardust Crystals with the full gems upgrade for total of 30% more stardust
BlueHammerOrb 2 less stardust required per XP when converting bars
BlueFishingRodOrb Your fishermen will catch 3 new types of fish (does not work with boats) they are Salmon, Lobster and Eel
BluePickaxeOrb Double XP from ores when converting ores to XP
BlueAxeOrb 10% chance for a tree to instantly regrow when chopped down the new tree is the same type as the chopped down one, with different drops. The effect can occur continuously, and works on shiny trees.
BlueMeditationOrb Meditate twice as fast

List of all green orbs Edit

Orbs Effect Notes
EmptyGreenOrb Can be turned into any Green Orb Requires drinking the Green Pirate Potion
GreenOilFactoryOrb Doubles your oil income from each factory worker +200 L/s or +300 L/s with medium Mining acheivement perk
GreenCombatOrb Increases your attack, accuracy, defence and magic by 1 It isn't bound to any items
GreenBrewingKitOrb Doubles the chances of getting two potions instead of one from the brewing kit
GreenBowOrb 50% chance of reclaiming your arrows every hit.
GreenCannonOrb 50% chance to save a cannon ball every hit.
GreenBonemealBinOrb Gain +1 bonemeal on every bone used +2 for Bones, +3 for Ashes, +4 for Ice Bones and so on...
GreenRocketOrb Allows your rocket to visit Mars
GreenOilStorageOrb Doubles the capacity of every oil storage
GreenEmpoweredRockOrb Get 20% of stardust back when using empowered rocks Since every rock costs 100,000 stardust, this means a return of 20,000

List of all red orbs Edit

Orbs Effect Notes
EmptyRedOrb Can be turned into any Red Orb Requires drinking the Red Pirate Potion
RedMagicWandOrb Doubles your magic damage when using any wand The magic damage is always doubled doesn't matter the wand is equipped or not
RedCharcoalFactoryOrb Doubles oil income from the charcoal factory and uses much less charcoal.
RedManaStarOrb Every mana star is increased by 1. The mana granted by every mana star is increased by 1, for a total of +30 mana if you have all 30 stars.
RedCombatLootOrb Allows you to convert a loot bag into a shiny one by right clicking it once every 72h Does not work on Gem Goblin loot bags.
RedAxeOrb Allows you to convert a fully grown tree into its shiny version by right clicking it once every 72h.
RedFishingBaitOrb Bait brings back more fish. It doesn't seem to increase the amount of fish per boat, but greatly increase the chance to catch them.
RedRocketOrb Allows your rocket to travel into interstellar space to collect space dust. Space dust requires a Glass Container (3000 glass), and is used to brew an Ultra Stardust Potion. Yield is approximately 2.5M stardust.

Tips Edit

  • All the orbs can be bound without their respective tools.
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