Oil is a main material in the game, similar to stardust. It is mainly used as fuel for Mining Machines. An Oil Storage needs to be made first to store the oil, and higher tiers later increase the oil capacity.

List of all oil supplies Edit

The stable maximum oil income possible is 1,410oil/sec while the temporary maximum income possible is 2,510oil/sec.

Item Source Max Oil Duration Note
HandheldOilPump Game Shop +10/sec Forever +1 oil per miner
OilPipe Crafting +200/sec Forever +50 oil (Base income), Blue Oil Pipe Orb adds 100 and Easy mining perk adds 50
Pumpjacks Crafting +200/sec Forever +10 oil per pumpjack, for a maximum of 10 pumpjacks. Hard mining perk doubles the oil.
OilFactory Crafting +1,000/sec Forever +1 oil per worker, for a maximum of 100 workers originally. Medium mining perk adds 50 more workers, and Green Oil Factory Orb doubles the oil. Elite Mining perk adds 350 more workers, Giving a total of 500.
CharcoalFactory Crafting +600/sec Length of Charcoal supply The rate is 1 charcoal every 112 seconds for +300 oil/sec. Red Charcoal Factory Orb doubles the oil income and reduces charcoal consumption rate to 1 charcoal every 492 seconds.
OilBarrel10k Monster Loot +10,000 and +100,000 Per barrel There are two type of barrels: 10k and 100k.
OilPotion Brewing +50/sec Per potion Lasts 15 minutes, for a total of 45,000 oil
SuperOilPotion Brewing +200/sec Per potion Lasts 15 minutes, for a total of 180,000 oil
LongerOilPotion Brewing +250/sec Per potion Lasts 4 hours, for a total of 3,600,000 oil
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