After eating the Dark Mushroom, the mage faints for 10 minutes. Talking to him after that time will lead players to a fight against the ghostly mage, who is now possessed by Faradox. The fight has a 4 minute cooldown and no energy cost. Due to this, players can try as many times as they want until beating him.

NpcLoot102 Loot bagEdit

Item Amount Rarity
SpellScroll1 1 Always
15,000 XP 1 Always
3 quest points 1 Always

Combat guideEdit

Minimum requirements: Skeleton Sword, medium combat achievement perks, full Bear Armour, Skeleton Shield and 69+ HP(not a joke- I actually beat it with 69hp-this is Firethunder)

Recommended requirements: Bow with Arrows, medium combat achievement perks, full Moonstone Armour, Skeleton Shield and 82+HP.

Trivia Edit


The fainted Mage after eating the Dark Mushroom

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