Moon is a special combat area that requires the Rocket to travel. It's also a place to collect loots like Stardust and Moonstone.

Overview Edit

Area Cost Cooldown Encounters
Moon 20,000 Energy
1 OxygenPotion
Full MoonstoneBody
14 hours (for a round trip) 19 20 21

It's not possible to go into the Rocket while the hero is on combat cooldown, and vice versa, take a fight while in the Rocket.

Monster analysis Edit

Monsters Damage Accuracy Speed Defense HP XP Rating
19 4 8 1 20 75 15,600 Easiest
20 7 18 4 5 40 14,250 Hardest
21 8 15 1 12 50 13,800 Medium

Mining in the MoonEdit

Moon is also a place that rocket can be sent there to collect Moonstone, Stardust and a rare Shooting Star. The Magic Page 3 can be found there with a common chance.

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