The Player Market is the place where many resources are traded for coins. Players can put an item on the Market to sell. Once sold, one has to collect his coins by clicking the collect button. The Player Market is ONLY accessible to non-hardcore players!

Not all items can be sold on the market. Examples are:

You can sell 2 different items on the shop at once. If you have bought the donor perk for the Market, you will have an extra slot.

Prices of items vary on how valuable the item is, and or if the market prices are going upwards or downwards. An increase in the number of players selling a certain item will decrease the price of the item. When no one sells an item, the price range greatly increases, allowing players to sell this item at extremely high or extremely low prices. In this situation, when one player sells this item at max price, the price of the item will further increase.

Flipping technique Edit

The 'Flipping' term refers to the technique to buy low and sell high, that way making money by 'playing the market'. It is legal, though must be approached with certain caution. Using this technique between alts is NOT allowed, as trading between alts is forbidden anyway.