After completing the quest, the Magic Vendor can be found in Magic tab and will open up a magic shop here to trade.

List of all magic items in shop Edit

Note that the purchasable mana star in the Magic Shop must be bought first, to be able to get other Mana Stars in the monsters loot bags. Thus, it's recommended to save the loot bags until the star is bought.

Item Cost Limited?
CrackedSpinningWheel 100,000 Stardust 1
SmallManaStar 50,000 Stardust

5 StrangeGreenLeaf

GreenWizardSilk 1 corresponding color StrangeGreenLeaf Unlimited
EmpoweredStone 100,000 Stardust, corresponding materials Unlimited
ShootingStar 600,000,000 Coins Unlimited
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