The Magic Book is a collection of 6 Magic pages which give the ability to cast spells in Combat. As of April 27, 2018, 5 of the 6 pages are collectable. Each spell requires a certain Magic level and amount of Mana.

Pages Location How to acquire Spells
MagicPage1 Game Shop 1,000,000 coins Heal Pound Teleport
MagicPage2 12 Drop rate: 1/3 Gust Bubble Sandstorm GhostScan
MagicPage3 Moon Drop rate: Common Beam Reflect SuperHealParalyze
MagicPage4 22 Drop rate: Common Barrier HealSteal Poison
MagicPage5 Wizard Battle Quest reward SuperTeleport Rage ThunderStrike
MagicPage6 Not available yet
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