Hardcore mode is very different from normal mode - you'll always be running out of stuff! Here are some tips that'll make your life easier

  • Don't sell stone since it's actually a bit of a challenge to collect in hardcore mode, especially for some mid to high tier craftables.
  • Play the long game: if possible, wait until you unlock a more efficient method for something (e.g. cooking, mining exp) before you start doing the relevant activity since you'll run out of stuff a lot.
  • Check the gem upgrade path guide  - priorities are a bit different compared to non-hc (there will be some variation from your own RNG here, but it gives a handy first glance).
  • For magic I strongly recommend making your fights as long as possible to milk that magic exp because you won't be able to afford meditation for a long while (I'm level 44 in magic at the time of writing, not a single meditation, 7.2k casts of heal). Aim to get 30 casts into one fight (the maximum you still get experience for); a good method for when you outgear and outlevel a zone is to equip your best armour and a wand, thereby setting your max damage to 1, and spamming heal.
  • When farming, never plant seeds that still have a chance to die because you're relying on rake/trowel/workers for em (with the exception of white leaf which will always die a lot - can't help that).
  • Check the brewing tab, the achievement and crafting requirements etc and plan ahead. The medium mining achievement, for example, requires you to have 5k sand in your inventory, which you simply won't get in early game unless you pause brewing for a while.
  • Manage your coin. Buy the first pirate in early game and then funnel your coin into things required for achievements and quests - the remaining pirates cost too much for too little benefit until later in the game.
  • Be conscious of your stardust spending - your only sources for it in early game are stardust potions and an occasional event.
  • p.s. from personal experience never try to get sigils or donor coins off the player market they are a waste of money since sigils do not actually contribute to gameplay and you would need like 10 donor coins for it to be worth it also make sure to complete all quests and achivment in order of difficulty not time like instead of bobs uncle to the wand to the skeleton quest to shoudnt take too long right do the wand to shoudnt take too long right to bobs uncle to the skeleton quest also get pros on your side but mute noobs also only trade with the trader if there is no other way to get the item hes offering also instead of woodcutting and fishing before cooking do fishing and cooking before woodcutting since stocking up resources is key also only use up to 5 workers at a time since in hardcore mode time is not money but money is time