Chat Edit

NO Swearing unless you mean it in a different context. (Example: B WORD = dog) but if it is meant as a swear word then you will get at least a 24 hour mute and at most a permanent IP mute.

Player Market Edit

Trade begging is NOT allowed. You are allowed to advertise your market offers.

Trade Begging & Advertising Edit

An example of trade begging would be "I DARE YOU TO BUY MY ITEM BECAUSE I NEED COINS" or "PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE BUY MY ITEM I NEED COINS!!!". An example of just simply advertising would be "XXX items up for sale @min" or "Item up for sale @ XXX"

Glitches Edit

If you beat the evil snake and start a quest at the same time, you will have a chance of double loot bags, and a duplicating glitch (probably patched) is to get to 290198 oil and sell an item on the market, you will get the money and the item so if it was a cake you could have your cake and eat it too. (IDK IF THIS IS REAL)

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