This page is meant for Guides, which purpose is to explain certain aspects of the game. To create a new guide, name it with this format:[Your guide name here] as a sub-page of this page. Also don't forget to add it into the table below, and add it to Category:Guides as well.

How to write a good guide Edit

  1. Determine the general purpose first. What's this guide about? (starter guide, combat, woodcutting...). What is it for? (newbies, experienced players...)
  2. In-depth analysis is good, but keep in mind the guide should be simple and short.
  3. Use tables to layout similar structured content.
  4. Use internal links wherever possible.
  5. Use pictures. A lot. To make the guide intuitive.

List of all guides Edit

Guides Category Latest update
Guides/Step By Step guide General, early game March 7, 2018
Guides/Simple Game FAQ General, early game February 18, 2018
Guides/Combat Areas Requirements Combat February 17, 2018
Guides/Combat Guide 50centjohn Combat December 3, 2017
Guides/Brewing: Potions and XP comparison Brewing March 18, 2018
Guides/DH2 Fixed temporary fixes QoL scripts/addons March 15, 2018
Guides/Cheap Magic Training Magic March 26, 2018
Hardcore mode tips Hardcore, general February 7, 2019
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