Gem Goblin is a special, rare monster that may be encountered in all areas except in Faradox's Tomb. It's easy to kill due to its low stats, and drops a gem loot bag upon death.

The chance to encounter the Gem Goblin is 1/1,000 and therefore it is much rarer than a shiny monster (at about a 1/100 encounter rate).

NpcLoot108 Loot bagEdit

Item Amount Rarity
Sapphire 1-3 Always
Emerald 1-3 Always
Ruby 1-3 1/2
Diamond 1-3 1/6
Blooddiamond 1 1/100

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible to get double loot bags triggered from the achievement perk.
  • Even though the chance is rare, the goblin can kill new players who encounter it when their stats are too low and when not having decent equipment.
  • Loot Bag Potion has no effect on this monster.

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