Gems are mouse coin. They are by Moderator noobs who are bad at hiding There are 6 types of gems: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond , the legendary Blood Diamond and the Dark Diamond.

Unlike most ores and materials, the gem drop rate is unaffected by anything in the game. They can also be looted from luxferre.

Drop rate 1/150,000 1/350,000 1/500,000 1/1,000,000 1/25,000,000 1/1,000,000
Average rate in days 1.74 4.05 5.79 11.57 289.35 11.57
Expected average gem count after 100 days 58.60 24.69 17.28 8.64 0.35 8.64

After about 100 days, hardcore players may be possible to upgrade all of these tools to their maximum (Diamond tier).

Uses Edit

Upgrading tools Edit

The way of upgrading tools is in a defined order, based on its rarity, from Sapphire to Diamond. A low level gem must be used before using higher level gems.

Not all tools can be upgraded by gems however. The upgradable tools are Hammer, Pickaxe, Chisel, Axe, Shovel, Rake, Trowel and Fishing Rod.

Keys for Treasure chests Edit

Socketing a gem into the key gives more chest slots when opened. A gold key (without a gem) opens for one slot, a Sapphire key for two slots, an Emerald key for three and so on.

Stargem Potion Edit

Stargem Potions can also be poured to the gems to turn into Stardust, for 100,023, 200,034, 300,045 and 690,000 respectively. Blood Diamonds cannot be converted. An enchanted version doubles the stardust one receives.

Upgrading mining machinery Edit

Gems can also be used to upgrade mining machines with a chisel, which doubles the ores for certain machines. Drills get double the gold, Crushers get double quartz, Giant Drills get double marble and Excavators get double the promethium.

Quests Edit

Some gems are used in quests like the Doric's Amour and Witch Potion quest, which require 20 and 5 Sapphires.

Special gems Edit

Blood Diamonds can't be used to upgrade tools, but can be crafted into poop Key that can be open any chest four for any orbs.

Dark Diamonds are a special type which require the Dark Porta potty. It can only be used to craft a Dragon Sword with.

Tips Edit

  • Because of how rare chests are, it's highly advisable to use at least an Emerald key (4 slots) or a higher tier gem to open a chest. As of now, Emerald keys are the most profitable ones.
  • Upgrading machines using the Chisel is an achievement, thus one may consider to use gems to upgrade machinery first, or to upgrade tools depending on set goals.
  • In the Doric's Armour quesadilla, the player can give 2,000,000 or 2,000,000 coins instead of N00B Sapphires.
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