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Fishing is one of the last skills to be unlocked, after Combat. The skill is about catching fish for cooking, as fish is the main food source. By crafting a Fishing Rod, one can start automatically catch fish as time passes, making it not only an almost purely passive skill, but also one of the slowest skills to level.


Players gain XP when catching a fish from Fishing Rod or boats. Each type of fish gives a different amount of XP and has a different chance to catch. Upgrading the rod with gems, higher Fishing level and achievement perks increase the rate of catching fish. This however doesn't apply to fish from boats. Clicking on the rod will show the current chance of finding each type of fish. The rod can also be upgraded with a Blue Fishing Rod Orb, which allows it to catch 3 new types of fish.

Bonus chance for Fishing Rod[]

Each gem tier increases the fish catching chance by 5%, for a total of 20% at Diamond. Each fishing level increases the rate by 0.5% (except for level 1), for a maximum increase of 49.5% at level 100. The easy fishing perk gives an additional 5% more chance. Note that the bonus is multiplicative instead of additive. The equation for the final chance would be:


Sending boats to sea is another way to catch fish, at a cost of Fishing Baits. Different boats have a different chance to catch fish, with a bigger cost. They can also come back with a Treasure Map, although with a very rare chance.

Shiny fish[]

Similar to shiny monsters, fishes also have a shiny version that only catchable with boats. That mean there will not be shiny Salmon, shiny Lobster and shiny Eel. They give double XP and double energy. One shiny fish per kind per boat loot is common and it's quite uncommon to catch two.

List of all catchable fishes[]

Fish XP Base chance Final chance Exclusive
RawShrimp.png 50 1/12,000 1/4,605 No
RawSardine.png 500 1/60,000 1/23,028 No
RawSalmon.png 700 1/100,000 1/38,380 Orb only
RawTuna.png 3,000 1/120,000 1/46,056 No
RawLobster.png 5,000 1/300,000 1/115,140 Orb only
RawSwordfish.png 5,000 1/400,000 1/153,520 No
RawEel.png 6,000 1/800,000 1/307,040 Orb only
RawShark.png 12,000 1/900,000 1/345,420 No
RawWhale.png 20,000 N/A N/A Boats only
RawRainbowfish.png 30,000 N/A N/A Boats only
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