The Emerald is the second tier out of 6 available gems.

A player will at least need 13 Emeralds to upgrade tools with. Tools have to be upgraded with a Sapphire first.


Items Number Notes
EmptyHammer EmptyPickaxe EmptyChisel EmptyAxe EmptyShovel EmptyRake EmptyFishingRod EmptyTrowel 1 each Require upgrade with Sapphire first
StargemPotion EnchantedStargemPotion variable Enchanted version gives double stardust
TreasureChest EmeraldKey variable The Emerald Key Chest has 3 item slots
EmeraldCrushers 5 Double the mined quartz from crushers
Gems Diamond

Standard Gems
Sapphire Sapphire - Emerald Emerald - Ruby Ruby - Diamond Diamond
Special Gems
Blood Diamond BloodDiamond - Dark Diamond DarkDiamond