The Easter Event was released on April 18, 2019.


To start the Easter Event, fight in the fields until you get to a white looking bunny.

After killing it, it will condemn you for TRYING to kill it(interesting), and then will be in your items tab. Clicking on it there will give you a set of clues.

  1. A perfect sweet to eat on a birthday, especially for bunnies.
  2. Get rid of some stone, specifically the same amount as the 10th number that cannot be devided by anything but one or itself.
  3. Where would you go if you wanted to kill more bunnies?
  4. I’m not giving you this hint because you tried to kill me.
  5. This one either.
  6. And this one either.
  7. You don’t have the Sn, but you have the Cu. Should still work in this world.


Some of the clues are fairly obvious, but others are hard to figure out, especially the three that the bunny doesn’t give you. Here are all the solutions:

  1. Make a carrot cake.
  2. Sell 29 stone.
  3. Fight in the fields.
  4. Random drop from any lootbag.
  5. Open an oil barrel.
  6. Find one from your miners.
  7. Smelt bronze.

After finishing all of these, claim your sigil from the bunny and you will completed the Easter Event! NOTE: You CANNOT get any of the eggs until you kill the bunny in the fields.

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