The Donor Shop allows players to purchase Donor Coins at a rate of 1 US Dollar per coin (via PayPal). These coins allow players to unlock helpful perks, while also supporting the game.

Donor Coins have been tradable at the Player Market (but as of now this is temporarily disabled). While hardcore players can't use the market, they can still buy Donor Coins.

When buying Donor Coins from the Market, they are immediately bound to your account, so reselling is impossible.

List of all donor perks Edit

All of the perks last for 30 days.

The Unlock all perk costs 15 coins. If one would buy all individual perks, it would cost the player 19 coins or about 25% more.

Perk Description Coins
Unlock All
Unlock all donor perks 15
Unlock Patches
Unlocks 2 more Farming patches 2
Unlock Patches
Unlocks 2 more Woodcutting patches 2
Potion Stacker
Allow to stack 2 of the same potions on each other 4
+10% XP Boost
10% more XP on any skill 5
10h Offline Time
8-hour offline progress is extended by 2 extra hours 5
Extra Trading Slot
An extra trading slot in Player Market 1