Diamond Hunt Two is an in-browser progressive game created, maintained, and updated by smitty. It is a sequel, expansion and re-imagining of the original game with more skills and some new game mechanics.

Basics Edit

The goal of the game is to collect resources, craft new tools, interact with other players and ultimately to find the much coveted diamonds. You have to level up 9 different skills in order to progress.

How to get started Edit

You can either choose to play as a guest or as a registered player. There are three modes of gameplay: normal, team, and hardcore. Team players can join a team to trade items freely but are unable to use the player market. Hardcore players do not get access to the Player Market and have to make progress all on their own.

There are several guides available which will help you through your experience. Take a look here for more information.

Evolution of the Diamond Hunt empire Edit

Diamond Hunt Offline, Diamond Hunt 1 Edit

Diamond Hunt first started as an offline idle clicker game in April, 2014. This game has evolved eventually into a plan of its developer to revive it into an online Massive Multiplayer semi-idle game in 2015. The deal was that players would compete against (and with the help of) eachother, still gathering idle resources but the game was expanded into 5 skills which one could level up:

  • Mining
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Brewing
  • Exploring

This counted to a global maximum level of 500. Later on, the Magic and Cooking skills were added.

Diamond Hunt 2 Edit

In 2017, a brand new concept for a sequel appeared. This later went on as being Diamond Hunt 2. Whilst DH1 was still updated, smitty already worked on the second version of the game. Diamond Hunt 2 was officially started on 22 February 2017, after completing the main engine in December 2016.

This version requires even more skills to be trained. The Mining, Crafting, Farming and Brewing skills were carried on. The Exploring skill had be rendered obsolete, it was splitted into the Combat and Fishing skill instead. Another 3 new skills (of which Magic and Cooking were started into DH1 but never really took off there) were added to the sequel, for a total of 9:

Fully leveling all these skills would bring you to a global level of 900, which as of now is the highest level one can achieve.

Wiki Edit

This wiki serves as a reference and a FAQ for the game. Delving into this wiki will reveal spoilers, it however is a valuable resource for gathering information about particular aspects of the game.

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