Combat is a skill in the game where the player has to kill monsters for Monster Loot and Combat XP. This skill requires the close support of two other skills: Cooking and Magic.

Leveling Edit


An unequipped hero.

Players control a hero as an avatar, with the ability to equip weapons and armours to increase combat power. The hero gains combat XP by defeating monsters. One combat level adds one Hit Point to the hero to the base HP of 9, capped at 109 HP.

Combat mechanics Edit

Icon SwordIcon Target BunnyIcon ShieldIcon WizardHatIcon
Name Attack Damage Attack Accuracy Attack Speed Defense Magic Bonus
Meaning The maximum damage the hero can deal per attack The bigger this number, the greater the chance to deal high damage. This is the opposite to Defense. Reduces the delay time between two attacks The bigger this number, the greater the chance to receive low or 0 damage. This is the opposite to Accuracy. Requirement to cast spells. The higher level the spell, the more magic bonus needed.

Attack speed indicates the frequency of attack. Zero Attack Speed has a 7 second delay between attacks, and one more speed reduces this number by 1. In theory, a 6 speed monster can make 1 attack per second, however the highest speed possible in game is 5, which is the Bat. There is 1 weapon with 0 AS in the game, which is the cannon.

Magic damage is the independent damage from offensive spells that ignore defense, such as Gust and Bubble.

Critical damage is the damage that doubles the damage source (not the damage dealt), which is double Attack Damage in case of a physical attack. Critical Strike Potion gives a 20% chance to deal critical damage for 1 minute.

The hero's base stat is 1-1-3-0. Armours and bonus stats from Achievement perks or orbs will add to the base stat, while weapons will replace their stats to base stats. For example equipping the scythe will override the 3 speed with the scythe's 1 speed.

The Skeleton Trainer quest rewards players with the Preset equipment perk, which allows players to switch gear sets with just one click.

Combat areasEdit

Each battle requires a certain amount of energy to consume and time to rest. The higher level the area, the more energy required and the longer the cooldown will be. Monsters in higher level areas also are stronger than in lower areas.

After defeating a monster for the first time, the icon 3 d turns green 3 g. After 50 kills it turns yellow 3 y and after 300 it becomes blue 3 p. Finally, at 1,000 kills, the icon turns to shiny blue.

Areas Energy Cooldown
Avg XP/fight Avg XP/energy Avg XP/minute
Fields 50 0.25 40 0.8 2.67
Forest 100 0.5 160 1.6 5.33
Caves 1,000 1 1,233 1.23 20.56
Volcano 3,000 2 4,283 1.43 35.69
Northern Fields 7,000 3 5,733 0.82 31.85
Haunted Mansion 15,000 4 13,867 0.92 57.78
Dark Forest 40,000 5 16,567 0.41 55.22
Outside Faradox's Castle 100,000 8 36,500 0.37 76.04
Moon 20,000 14 14,550 0.73 N/A

Notes: Faradox's Tombs is a special area where the only loot is Promethium Armour Mould, hence it's meaningless to compare its worthless XP. This is the same for the Moon, with a cooldown of 14 hours for the rocket.

Forest is the best location to farm "bait" in terms of energy cost and cooldown.

Trivia Edit

  • Combat is the only skill which has no tools to represent.
  • The shiny monsters were introduced in the July 14, 2017 update.
  • The game used to have a "death" system that punished players by double cooldown time of the subsequent fight, based on the area he died in. Even though the system has been removed, the dialogue is still there (which is a bug) and causes deception amongst players.
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