Cannon is a special weapon that is craftable by combining 3 cannon parts: Cannon Stand, Cannon Barrel and Cannon Wheels. All of these items can be found from Pirate Skeleton's loot.

Mechanics Edit

The cannon doesn't act as regular weapons that are placed into the hands section of your hero, like the Skeleton Sword or Skeleton Shield.

It uses Cannon Balls as ammunition and has 0 Attack Speed (with a 7 seconds cooldown between attacks).

Because of the low speed and high damage and accuracy, it's best to use this weapon against high defense enemies. It doesn't work well against monsters with fast healing ability like Dark Mage.

Ammo Crafting lvl Cost Damage Accuracy
IronCannonBall 53 1 IronBar 1 10
PromethiumCannonBall 67 1 PromethiumBar 5 30
RuniteCannonBall 82 1 RuniteBar 10 50


  • The Cannon Balls used to have lower accuracies: 5, 15 and 30 respectively
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