Brewing is the skill which requires mixing ingredients together in a Vial of Water to create potions. The potions' effects are various, from gaining materials like Stardust or Oil to reducing Combat cooldown, so those potions are basically used to support other skills.  

There are three types of potions:   

  1. Level 1-30 potions which need a (Small) Vial Of Water  
  2. Level 35-65 potions which need a Large Vial of Water   
  3. Level 65+ potions which need a Huge Vial of Water.   

Most of the ingredients are gathered from the Farming skill, but some like Strange Leaves are found by other means.  

Leveling Edit

Players train Brewing by creating potions and drinking them for the same amount of XP. The XP increases immediately after drinking the potion, but will be reduced if one throws it away by drinking another potion of the same type without the Stacking potion donor perk (in other words, refresh the potion timer).

Brewing level gives a bonus duration to all potions, which scales up to 20% longer at 100 level (or 1% every 5 levels). Potions are not stackable, unless you have purchased the Potion Stacker from the Donor Shop.

Tools Edit

Completing the Mixology quest will allow players to unlock the Mixing Stand, which can be used to mix new potions from other potions. Brewing Scrolls are required as formulae/recipes to mix. Those can be found from various locations. Even whilst mixing potions give XP, it still doesn't stop brewing from being the most difficult skill to level.      

After completing the Witches Potion quest, players can craft a Brewing Kit. The kit gives a 10% chance for any potion made to produce an additional Potion at no extra cost or experience gained, or 20% with a Green Brewing Kit Orb. Unlocking Hard Brewing Perk allows the kit giving the extra XP.     

The Total XP listed in the table below is for both brewing and consuming the potion. For example, Stardust Potions grant 50 XP for brewing, plus another 50 XP for consuming, for a total of 100 XP.

Table of PotionsEdit

Potion Level Materials Effect Duration Total XP
StardustPotion 1 1 DottedGreenLeaf
25 RedMushroom
Gain a small amount of Stardust. (Average ~6,000) 5 minutes 100
TreePotion 1 2 DottedGreenLeaf
15 RedMushroom
Increases your chance of trees to grow by 10%. 10 minutes 140
SeedPotion 5 1 DottedGreenLeaf
30 RedMushroom
Increases your chance of finding seeds by 10%. 30 minutes 150
SmeltingPotion 10 3 DottedGreenLeaf
1 BronzeBar
1 IronBar
1 SilverBar
1 GoldBar
10% chance of producing double bars when smelting copper, iron, silver or gold ore. 30 minutes 400
OilPotion 15 1 GreenLeaf
50 RedMushroom
Increases oil income by 50 per second. (Total 45,000) 15 minutes 420
BarPotion 20 3 GreenLeaf
50 BlewitMushroom
When mining ore you have a small chance of it being automatically smelted. 30 minutes 760
SuperStardustPotion 20 5 LimeLeaf
50 Snapegrass
Gain a medium amount of Stardust. (Average ~33,000) 5 minutes 960
WoodcuttingSpeedPotion 22 100 RedMushroom
50 BlewitMushroom
10 Logs
Trees grow twice as fast. 30 minutes 1,000
CombatCooldownPotion 25 5 GreenLeaf
1 StrangeBlueLeaf
Reduces cooldown of hero by 15 minutes. N/A 1,110
FarmingSpeedPotion 30 100 RedMushroom
50 BlewitMushroom
10 Snapegrass
Crops grow twice as fast. 30 minutes 1,800
BluePiratePotion 35 250 DottedGreenLeaf
200 GreenLeaf
150 LimeLeaf
Pirates will now find chests that contain a not yet defined Blue Orb which can be determined by you. Forever 1,960
StargemPotion 35 1 GoldLeaf
100 BlewitMushroom
Can be poured onto a gem to convert it into Stardust. N/A 2,000
ManaPotion 45 1 GoldLeaf
10 LimeLeaf
1 StrangePurpleLeaf
Gain an extra mana point every 10 seconds. 1 minute 2,500
SuperOilPotion 45 3 GoldLeaf
150 RedMushroom
Increases oil income by 200 per second. (Total 180,000) 15 minutes 4,400
StardustCrystalPotion 50 1 GoldLeaf
100,000 Stardust
1 ShootingStar
Miners start collecting small, medium, large, and huge Stardust crystals. Forever 5,500
FishingPotion 50 10 DottedGreenLeaf
5 GreenLeaf
10 Snapegrass
Fishing rod will collect twice the fish. 1 hour 980
GreaterStardustPotion 55 5 GoldLeaf
300 RedMushroom
Earn a larger amount of Stardust. (Average ~120,000) 5 minutes 4,560
SuperTreePotion 55 3 GoldLeaf
50 BlewitMushroom
Increases the chance of a higher tier tree to start growing. 30 minutes 4,700
SuperCombatCooldownPotion 60 20 GreenLeaf
4 StrangeBlueLeaf
Reduces cooldown of hero by 1 hour. N/A 5,100
63 4 LimeLeaf
10 Snapegrass
Cures a set of animals from sickness. N/A 2,400
GreenPiratePotion 65 100 LimeLeaf
50 GoldLeaf
25 CrystalLeaf
Pirates will now find chests that contain a not yet defined Green Orb which can be determined by you. Forever 5,000
SuperCompostPotion 65 5 CrystalLeaf
200 RedMushroom
100 BlewitMushroom
50 Snapegrass
Instantly grow a farming patch. N/A 9,100
SuperManaPotion 68 5 CrystalLeaf
25 LimeLeaf
5 StrangePurpleLeaf
Regenerate mana twice as fast. 1 minute 10,000
OxygenPotion 70 100 GreenLeaf
50 LimeLeaf
20 GoldLeaf
10 CrystalLeaf
1 StrangePinkLeaf
Your hero will be able to survive without air for one trip to the Moon. N/A 13,300
ReproductionPotion 72 15 LimeLeaf
25 Snapegrass
25 BlewitMushroom
Your animals will reproduce 50% faster. 3 hours 3,000
RedPiratePotion 75 100 GoldLeaf
50 CrystalLeaf
25 StripedCrystalLeaf
Your pirates will now find chests that contain a not yet defined Red Orb which can be determined by you. Forever 13,800
DarkPotion 75 25 LimeLeaf
10 GoldLeaf
10 DarkMushroom
Can be drank by your miner (for Dark Diamonds), your lumberjack (for Dark Strange Leaves), or Bob the Farmer (for Dark Leaf Seeds and Dark Mushroom Seeds) 24 hours 13,800
CriticalStrikePotion 80 10 CrystalLeaf
1 StripedCrystalLeaf
5 StrangeBlueLeaf
20% chance to inflict a critical strike (double damage).

during combat (Melee & Range)

1 minute 14,000
UltraStardustPotion 82 5 CrystalLeaf
1 InterstellarGas
Gain a very large amount of Stardust. (Average ~1,500,000) 5 minutes 18,000
LootBagPotion 85 20 CrystalLeaf
10 StripedCrystalLeaf
30 GoldLeaf
1 StrangePurpleLeaf
Obtain more loot when killing a monster. (Monsters drop 1-4 extra Loot Bags) After 1 kill 30,000
AntiDragonFirePotion 100 1 DarkLeaf
250 DottedGreenLeaf
100 GreenLeaf
50 LimeLeaf
Absorbs Dragon's Fire Breath for between 100 and 200 damage. (Stackable) N/A 60,000

Which potions yield the most XP? Edit

To have an idea of which potions yield most XP relative to the Super Compost Potion, please refer to Guides/Brewing: Potions and XP comparison for more information.

Potions OxygenPotion
Small Vial: Stardust Potion - Tree Potion - Seed Potion - Smelting Potion - Oil Potion - Bar Potion - Super Stardust Potion - Woodcutting Speed Potion - Combat Cooldown Potion - Farming Speed Potion

Large Vial: Blue Pirate Potion - Stargem Potion - Mana Potion - Super Oil Potion - Stardust Crystal Potion - Fishing Potion - Greater Stardust Potion - Super Tree Potion - Super Combat Cooldown Potion - Sick Cure Potion - Green Pirate Potion

Huge Vial: Super Compost Potion - Super Mana Potion - Oxygen Potion - Reproduction Potion - Red Pirate Potion - Dark Potion - Critical Strike Potion - Ultra Stardust Potion - Loot Bag Potion - Anti Dragon Fire Potion

Mixing Stand: Starseed Potion - Longer Stardust Potion - Farming Tree Speed Potion - Great Smelting Potion - Combat Selector Potion - Longer Oil Potion - Smelting Speed Potion - Mega Mana Potion

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